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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  July 30, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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the good news of this, paul, at least, that the democrats are citing reagan and i ope they start following his policies. >> paul: all right. well, we'll wait for that one, could be a while. that's it for this week's edition of the journal editorial report. thanks to my panel and for all of you watching, i'm paul gigot. we'll be here next week. >> this is no way to run the greatest country on earth. >> mr. obama grabs time in prime time, to push for an end to the great debate crippling our nation and consuming media attention. >> is there a problem for republicans that might emerge as just the party of no, the party they can't say yes to anything? >> the mainstream press looks for someone to blame for the standoff, guess which side gets picked? >> number one, is point number one on the talking point issues, by the republican party i get it. >> no, no, show us the plan, it's not a talking point. that's unfair.
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and ed henry debuts at the white house, tough questions. unleashing an attack in norway, bombing and shooting innocents in. and making media headlines tying him to the christian right. is that fair? and more faith base accusations and cnn ayn corps defends himself after what he knew when. and checkbook journalism tactics, are they kidding? is this guy the right choice to be the new anchor at msnbc? on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. radio talk show host, monica crowley. jim pinkerton american editor conservative magazine and kirsten power. i'm host jon scott. fox news watch is on right now.
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now. >> defaulting on our obligations is a reckless and irresponsibility outcome for this debate and the republican leaders say that they agree we must avoid default. but the new approach that speaker boehner unveiled today which would temporarily extend the debt ceiling in exchange for spending cuts would force us to once again face the threat of default just six months from now. in other words, it doesn't solve the problem. >> president obama in a prime time address monday night. that was a speech to the nation, usually, judy, when the president makes a prime time address, there is news to be made. you want to tell us that maybe, osama bin laden has been killed or something like that. was there any news? >> no, even chris mathews and joe scarboro on msnbc were noting, oh, by gosh, this was
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a scold lecture, saying something other than no, but the republicans were doing the same thing in all fairness. >> here is what michael gerson wrote in the washington post, a pelel address to the nature, involves the limit the resources, prime television time and public patience. it is presumably the result of a strategy involving policy, communications and speech writing staff and then he wrote, last night's speech contained no new proposals and no serious attempt to reform the public debate so the president comes out on friday morning and makes another statement and it's kind of the same old story, why? >> because i think what the white house was doing. their attitude maybe we know this stuff and maybe the reporters know it and the media culture knows it, but the american people don't know it and he was speaking more directly to the american people and making a case to them. >> haven't the polls showed that the american people are already engaged very much in this? >> very much so. poll after poll shows that 65,
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75,% of the american people are paying close attention to the debt debate. it's interesting because this president seems to think that he can take a page out of previous president's play books, nixon, ronald reagan, bill clinton and go over the heads of the press, districtly to the american people to make his point. but those presidents knew enough to use the oval office or the east room or use the power for presidency in very rare, pointed kinds of ways to persuade and cajole and educate the american people and this president seems to be engaging in campaign strategizing from the white house which is why i think he speaks criticism from the right and left. >> jon: what about the body language? i was struck while i watched that speech, he seemed very stiff. i felt i was watching the animatronic version from all of presidents from disney world. >> i think peggy noonen called him a martian if that helps. and over the heads of the press, because they're carrying him.
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jeffrey dickens and rich noise at the media research center calculated by 3-1 margin the media are taking his side on this whole fight. so, he doesn't need to go over their heads, he needs to go-- they're cheering him on. >> the media research center, which is after all, a conservative media watch dog group, but they compiled a study about the coverage of the debt debate. here is what they found by a 3-1 margin. network newscasts put the blame by the impasse on the republicans during the period from july 20th, i'm sorry, july 1st to july 27th, and 66% mainly blame the republicans for the debt impasse and 17 of them mainly blame the democrats, surprising? >> not surprising, but eric, i think his name is wemple, treasury secretary warned about the consequences of
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default is not carrying water for the white house, it's reporting the warnings of senior government officials and by the way, not only government officials, but the business round table, the chamber of commerce, every major bank of york that wrote letters to the republicans and the democrats, pleading with them for an agreement. let's not play politics on this. i don't think the media is really off balance in reporting these warnings as heavily as they have been. >> but they might note the first time in my history, i know, had a treasury secretary talking down the economy, busy trashing things, will be bad, things will be bad lit's did it my way. it has to do it the obama way and it's astonishing, they've saying, look, on tuesday, print money, there's no problem here, august 2nd do what bernanke does, print another 500 million dollars and give it, and there won't be a prom. the obama administration wants to make a point here and win the battle against the republicans not solve the economic crisis. >> jon: in that friday morning address the president said,
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and i'm paraphrasing because i didn't write down his precise quote you, but he said we have the ability to pay our bills if we'll just do the right thing. the conservatives would argue, no, we don't have the ability to pay our bills because we're spending more than we're taking in. >> than we're taking in. yeah, judy to your point, also, it's the way the stories have been presented that whether it's broadcast networks or the major newspapers, they have been presenting this as the republicans have essentially been the obstructionists, that it's their in-- >> stop. >> the exact opposite is true. the republican house has been the only group of people who have actually put forward and passed proactive bills to deal with the debt crisis, cut cap and balance and the 2012-- >> they know they have to reach agreement with the president, so, it's a little bit of a show. i mean, the reason that they're blaming the republicans, is because they have-- because they are ate ones who won't come to the middle on anything, they won't come to the middle of obama giving up a lot-- >> there's little reporting
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about the fact that the president has not produced a plan and democrats in the the senate haven't produced pa plan. the onus has been in the reporting on the house republicans, only ones to go out there with a proactive plan more than once. >> jon: speaking of a show. what happened when our new white house chief correspondent ed henry and jay carney at the wednesday briefing. >> okay, that's what speaker boehner. >> as chuck said yesterday, how have the senator introduce it as an actual bill, we're six days away. >> chuck-- i mean, ed, you know, the speaker walked away from this deal. >> yeah, but, a deal put it out there and let the american people-- i think i've answered the question. >> i know you're creating for fox-- >> that's not what i'm doing, you know better than that. >> well, is that welcome to the white house? i guess? >> i'm sure it's not welcome to jay carney, but it's good journalism, you don't let somebody give a pat answer to a real question, and if they won't answer, you go back and
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you ask it again, or a second time or a third time or a fourth time. >> most transparent white house in history, so they claim, has yet to produce a budget. >> the minute you make a dig like that, the minute you're not going to answer a kwechlt you stick to what the issue is and you know you're both playing equal, but the fact he has to make a dig at him as if he's doing something wrong, shows that he's on to something. >> this is appointed aggressive line of questioning, not know where near out of bounds to, but for him to use that as an excuse to go after the fox thewes channel, there are other reporters, some of them who do take appointed aggressive approach with carney. he never singles out their networks, but he did to fox. >> jon: we have to take a break. first, if you want to keep up the media stories, go to our website, watch list section. up next, is it important how the media label a killer? >> terror strikes in norway, a lone killer, a rampage killing
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76 and the media make headlines tying the tragedy to his christian claims. >> my job is to get an overview of what's going on. >> and cnn's piers morgan on the defensive against claims he knew more about phone hacking than he admitted. who is telling the truth? answers next on news watch. ur, so me and my lads earned arip to san francisco twice as fast we get double miles every time we use our card... i'll take these two... matter what we're buying. ...and all of those. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the whole gang! it's hard to beat double miles! whoa dude. [ male announcer ]et the venture card from capital one and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to what's in your wallet? but last year my daughter was checking up on me. i wasn't eating well. she's a dietitian. and she suggested i try boost complete nutritional drink to help get the nutrition i was missing. now i drink it everyday,
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norway, anders bravic, killed at least 76 people in the scandanavian norway. he objects to the presence of muslims in europe. and on sunday's headline, as horrors emerged, norway charges christian extremist, a number of other news organizations like l.a. times and reuters played up the christian angle. bravic is not a christian, that's impossible. no one believing in jesus commits mass murder. the man might have called himself a christian on the net, but he is certainly not of that faith. . >> jon: fox news bill o'reilly this week calling out the new york times and others in the mainstream media how they labeled the radical extremist who terrorized norway last week and o'reilly got a lot of criticism from the comments. >> really? >> yeah, he did. >> that's strange because pains me to say this, agree with bill o'reilly with that statement 100%, that's
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completely, 100% accurate what he said. as if a passivist guns down people if they put that as the heading. would have said, now, self-identified passivist guns down people, but not, you know, just putting on him he's a christian. of course he's not a christian, that's ridiculous and even, even the way they're trying to portray him as a right wing extremist, he had, he sports a one child policy, government control of private industries, he wants to rid the world of oil consumption, i mean, this guy is not-- they're trying it portray him as something he's not. >> jon: what does it say about an anti-christian bias? does it exist? >> we have to compare the way that the new york times and others are labeling this guy as opposed to refusal, reluctance, it's just kind of tie them down to get them to use the word muslim or islamic extremist when it comes to someone like hassan or sha saad or any other people
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involved in terror attacks or attempted terror attacks in the united states, plus, i do think you can be someone who claims to be a christian and go out and murder people. i think we just have to be careful about how we use the word and frame. >> here is the difference, i agree with you, here is the difference. this guy was a lone madman. what they were trying to do in the new york times and other places labeling him as a christian is try to equalize lone gunman, a mass murderer with people who are acting in the name of jihad, acting and killing in the name of their faith. >> monica, we don't know that he was insane, we don't know that. >> and his lawyers-- >> they're trying to go with-- >> if he were my lawyer i'd have them say that, too. >> it's all about trying to equalize one lone gunman acting out of his own insanity or madness with a global jihadist dtdz. >> there's no christian eyed
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gi that goes out and says will christians. >> i agree with that, and bravic also quoted ted kaczynski, the uni-bomber, and you see the headlines, bravic kills-- >> and here is another one. a couple of folks mentioned the new york times and the bias on this. on friday's new york times they have another alleged terror case, this fellow, nasser jason abdo in texas and a whole art will in the new york times, don't mention al-qaeda, don't mention muslim not once, and even talk about his relationship with god, passive-- conscious objectors and passivist, don't mention allah, just mention god generally and no mention of muslim. >> and that story was out before i knew this guy was a muslim and that perhaps he was acting in the name of jihad. i couldn't find it anywhere in the coverage.
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>> jon: time for another break. if you see something that shows evidence to you of media bias, e-mail us at news up next, the the latest in the phone hacking scandal coverage. >> for quick action to defend her husband earns wendy some positive press. and nbc takes a shot at abc over the practice of checkbook journalism. details next on news watch. premiering the revolution by lg. the newest release with verizon 4g lte. the first phone pre-loaded with access to netflix's massive movie library. powered by verizon 4g lte for an unparalleled streaming experience. see how mobile entertainment was meant to be seen. only with verizon 4g lte. now get the revolution by lg for $199.99 and receive 3 months of netflix free.
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>> oh! >>. >> well, that was the scene last week when rupert murdoch's wife wendy took
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action to defend her husband from a foam pie throwing maniac who druted the parliament hearing in the news of the world phone hacking scandal owned by newscorp, the parent company of fox news channel, now, just about all of the divisions of newscorp have been excoriated by our fellow media brethren for this scandal and perhaps, at least some of those divisions, serbed it, but wendy got some positive news. >> and it was a fairly possible or thecle. >> who can argue she completely nailed that guy like a wendi deng action figure. >> she was facebook page. she was tiger mom and most women would have done if their
11:52 am
husband was facing assault like that. she didn't waste a seconds. >> one of my friends, things don't work out with my wife, i'm getting myself a wendi deng. >> it's a shame the cameras didn't follow her, apparently after she gave him a sock, she continued to pummel him he he was led out to the room and went tenderly back to her husband and took a little of the foam off of his shirt. and that's what i want behind me in my corner when somebody's beating up on me. >> jon: what about the scandal itself, the hearings as i understand it continue. they have been expanded to include social mediaen that sort of thing. does the story continue. >> i think the story has a lot of legs, as mentioned last week, piers morgan the cnn host is now in the middle of this and goes way beyond whatever allegations prove to be true or not true about him. the british media culture, almost all of them were doing at one time or another and now
11:53 am
the question, they were using contracts and independent investigators to do this and the question is who they, whoever they are, keeping the wall between them and the bad acts. >> and earlier in the scandal. david cameron made a comment i thought got no coverage at all. which is look, the british tabloid press is so aggressive, it can't only be restricted to news international, newscorp, will expand and look into other newspapers may be doing this kind of thing and nobody has picked up on the point it may just not be murdock papers involved in this, but others as well. >> jon: all right. so, let's move on to checkbook journalism. there was this interesting development this week. abc announced that it will no longer pay news subjects for interviews and recently abc took heat for paying casey anthony $200,000 for photos in 2008. and an announcement received reaction from rival nb c & n
11:54 am
bc spokesperson said we were happy to hear about the change in abc news policy. we agree their recent activity has been bad for journalism and news industry and we welcome them back to the practices that we work hard to uphold. and, nbc lies, about the practices and does the not disclose the habitual payments it makes for interviews and then has the gall to get up on the high horse. and someone ought to remind nbc news that the higher they get up on that horse, the farther they will fall as their rank and rekrucurring hipocracy. >> let's find it guilty and tell what they're saying and truthfulness when they're saying they're not doing it at all. >> jon: they would never say, oh, we're paying you for your story. they would say we're paying you for that 30 seconds of home video, here is a quarter
11:55 am
million dollars. >> yeah, $200,000 for some photos, you know? and i find it very unseemly and if they're going to do it, they should at least disclose it. and i think at the end of the day they shouldn't be doing it at all. at the minimum. they shouldn't do it at all. >> i think that ben sherwin came to that conclusion, he started a review of the policy since he took over and i think he deserves praise for a sign and appropriate decision. >> six months from now we'll realize they're still doing it under another ruse. >> this practice has been going on for a long time. rather than checks for photographs. they'll fly people into new york and wine and dine them and four seasons and suddenly, you've got a deal. >> jon: when we come back, is al sharpton a good fit for msnbc? >> and millionaires, millionaires and corporate jets, that was the question. >> reverend al may be getting a prime time gig on msnbc. could they be pay back for
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blessing the deal with comcast? that's next on news watch. ... [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way.
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♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ [ feme announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive syst. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. having a black president is a challenge. he has decided not to criticize the president about anything, even black that is twice the national rate. >> leslie stahl reporting on 60
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minutes on al sharpton's new image. that report showed how close sharpton is to president obama. we saw that when mr. obama actually flew to new york to take part in sharpton's action network gala in april. now there are reports that reverend al may be getting a hosting gig on msnbc. >> not surprised at all. his ideology fits in perfectly. there won't be any criticism of this administration. in the al sharpton hour, but there were some reports that sharpton had blessed the nbc which owns msnbc and this may be pay back for the comcast deal. >> and a write are for "new york times" made that point. and suspicion is worth falling up. it's public record or it should be. >> why does


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